Our Unified Meditation is the way to take the individual’s running and cluttering mind to the zone of Unified field – the field of infinite possibilities. In Vedic term it is self-referral consciousness.  All the natural forces of the Universe are unifying in a very convergent manner in the domain of Unified Field.  This Unified field is your pure being.  No journey and evolution are needed for that.  Just you have to settle in your pure being.  Then all your aspirations will be fulfilled in a very spontaneous manner.

This meditation has three parts: –

Unfolding your own domain – pure being, pure consciousness That is Unified field (in Modern Physics term)

Inception (with natural forces)

Fulfillment of all your aspirations and dreams with the help of Unified Meditation.


In our Unified Hathyoga we have more than 51 poses and stretches.  We improvised the ancient- classical pattern of Hathyoga with modern scientific understanding.

  • It is very unique in style and grace.
  • It is very wonderful in creating a powerful mind and body.
  • It is a healing touch.


Breathing is the bridge between mind and body.  Our Unified breathing technique will make your mind ignite and that mind will touch its higher realm and make your life possible in far more easier way.

Forty-five minute of regular Unified Hathyoga and Unified Breathing technique will give your every faculties-thoughts, emotions, feelings, thinking process a proper direction and optimize your life in full-scale.

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