Divine Consciousness Foundation  is a non-profitable Spiritual organization by Sri Arjun.  The total focus of the foundation is to bring up liftment in every stratum of human life, including Physical, Psychological, Social and Spiritual. It can be done by shifting the human consciousness on higher level- The Divine Consciousness.

When oneself reaches to the dimension of Unity Consciousness – Divine Consciousness then there will be a great upsurge in every field of human civilization.

Our Founder

Sri Arjun – Visionary and Spiritual Mentor (Guru)

Sri Arjun Majumdar was born at Howrah – West Bengal.  His upbringing was influenced by his father’s liberal thinking and his mother’s spiritual and religious temperament. He completed his education in Arts from Kolkata University. At very early age he was initiated to Yogic Sadhana by his Guru Anand-Da.  He learnt different dimensions of Yogic Sadhana under his guidance. His spiritual experiences were amalgamation of his Guru’s teaching and personal internalization of Eastern Mystical Philosophy. Due to his unquenchable spiritual thrust he threw himself into intense spiritual practices with Sufi community in Rural Bengal, and started living as Sufi Bhikkhu. During that period, he came in contact with miserable plight of Rural Bengal. That time he took the resolutions for the betterment of rural India.Hence, he toiled hard to establish a platform to drive out the vicious trap from human consciousness. Divine Consciousness foundation is the brainchild of Sri Arjun to fulfill his long-standing aspiration to work for the betterment of society.

Books written by Sri Arjun

Books written by Sri Arjun. These books are available on Amazon Kindle.

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