Applications of Consciousness in every Human Enterprises

  • Lectures and applications of consciousness in Global Businesses ,medical, economics, social welfare and peace and harmony.
  • Seminars for anxiety and stress relief.
  • Our Unique scientific Unified Meditation.
  • Philanthropist works in rural Bengal.
  • One to one communication for understanding the true meaning of Consciousness.
  • Applications of Consciousness in Education.

Our Services

Medical Dispensary

In our Ashram at Bakharabad in West Bengal, every Sunday medical camp is held . Our dispensary is working every Sunday and doctor treats patients coming from surrounding villages. Our foundation gives all the medicines  absolutely free. All near by village people taking the benefit of medical aid since there are no such medical facilities in this rural areas.

Food for life

Our foundation is also working for FOOD FOR LIFE.  On festival occasions prasadams are arranged for village people. And many people from far inner remote villages visit the ashram and take prasadams.

Educational Aid

Our foundation works for children specially to educate them more on cleanliness and clean surrounding.  To keep village and surroundings plastic tree, to grow trees and other such social awareness programmes are held by the foundation. Village children are given schoolbags and other educational help by Foundation. Our Guruji- Sri Arjun is very much into work among village people for consciousness  based education.

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